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Nov 2012

Jobs vs. Kimmel


It's TV Tuesday again! WHO-PEE!  In this Episode we discuss:

Modern Family,


Jimmy Kimmel Live,

and some others thrown in for good measure! BAMF!

Nov 2012

4 Hours of Silence


Some technical issues kept me from putting this one up yesterday. Bleh!  In this jelly packed episode we talk about:

Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice,

The Campaign,



Men in Black 3,

Piranha 3DD.

Thanks to those who gave me some feedback on the last episode!  You to can do so at:

Nov 2012



Well folks you have been warned! (assuming you listened to the last episode...)  In this special episode "The Missus" joins us and hilarity ensues.

(Audio quality is not up to my usual standards since if I edited out the "car sounds" like I usually do you can not hear The Missus... Apparently her voice is car like...)

Hope to finally get some feedback here folks!  You can send all questions and comments (or Quements as the say on the Nerdist Podcast) to

It's nice to be nice to the nice.

Nov 2012

What’s Monkey Porn?


In this episode we make the very super secret special announcement that none other than "THE MISSUS" will be joining us on tomorrow episode!

ALSO Since I had today off today we have mashed together a Book Bwednesday, Thur-Video-Games-Day AND a Fri-Internet-Day!  Aggressive!

Be warned also that this is the episode I will probably make you listen to if you are a friend of mine!   Looking for some feedback please! (as long as its nice...)

Good Vibes to all and to all a groovy night.

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