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Feb 2013

Because it was Stapled to the Chicken…


"Why did the dead baby cross the road?" Is a question asked by many... Including Eddie Dean a member of Roland Deschain's Ka-Tet in Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  Specifically in Book # 4 "Wizard and Glass" which just so happens to be the subject of this Book Bwednesday podcast!  BAM!

Feb 2013

A Baby Otter Rubbing the Tummy of a Kitten


I am in to my second year without a cable box and yet am doing a TV Tuesday episode of the Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast each week... Huh.   I discuss:

Dragons Den,

Modern Family,

Parks & Recreation, and

Late night with Conan O'Brien (with guest Chris Hardwick!)

Feb 2013

Yes Sirree Bobbie


The great thing about a Movie Monday episode of the Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast is that is a lot like a podcast recorded on a Monday in which I discuss movies such as:

Chris Hardwick: Mandroid,

Seven Psychopaths,

Crumb, and


Feb 2013

Air Quotes Podcast Baby


While weeding through the interwebs this week for this Fri-Internet day episode I learned that Daniel Day Lewis  and Emmanuel Lewis are brothers and so are Philip Seymour Hoffman and Dustin Seymour Hoffman.  True Story.   I also discuss:

Between Two Ferns: Oscar Special,

Romantic TED Talks,

Romantic Big Thinks,

Romantic Gary Busey (!?),

Zero Punctuation - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the Witch King Review,

California On,

All Star Celebrity Bowling: Team Conan,

Comedy Bang Bang, and

Dork Fork.

Feb 2013

Woolly Mammoth Vending Machine


Peanut Butter and Jam.  Chocolate and Peanut Butter.  TV and Tuesdays... and Peanut Butter.   Some things are just made for one another!  I discuss this week:

Dexter (2 Episodes),

Futurama (9 Episodes), and

The Batman (13 Episodes).

{Couple TV Marathons there for yous!}

Feb 2013

Slush Splash I was Recording a Podcast


I am here to talk about Movie's in a Movie Monday episode of the Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast and chew bubble gum... I can actually do both at the same time with little er... I discuss:



Love, and

Man of the Year.

Feb 2013

Rowdy Roddy Sasha Grey


So a Fri-Internet day has cum upon us once again. Ew.  We discuss (meaning I discuss and you listen):

WTF: With Marc Meron (Guests Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner),

(4) TED Talks,

(2) Big Thinks,

V-Sauce "Will we visit Other Stars?",

Star Talk: With Neil Degrasse Tyson & Dr. Ruth (SEXY!), and

The Adam Carolla Podcast with Guests Kenny Hotz & Sasha Grey (also SEXY).

Feb 2013

Sperm Bank Non Sequitur Taxedermying


Looks like all my podcast related bugs are worked out!  Now if only I could get rid of my Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn brain controlling style bugs all would be well!

In this TV Tuesday episode I discuss:


Modern Family,

Parks & Recreation,

Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and

Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Feb 2013

Batman vs. Superman (Who Would Win!?)


First off apologies for the audio quality!  Still working out the bugs a bit with this new system.  I think the TV Tuesday episode will sound better!

Secondly through to lastly in this Movie Monday episode I discuss:

Batman: Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2,


Paranormal Activity 4,

Robot & Frank,

Silent House, and

Puffy Chair.

(I have fixed the audio problem that was not playing the first 1/2 of the episode FYI all!)

Feb 2013

FUBAR Clusterfunk SNAFU


So you have no doubt noticed that I have not put up any podcasts this week...?  You no doubt have been waiting with breath, perhaps even bated breath...?

Well I have been having a poop tonne of technical problems which have meant I could not get the podcast recordings from my phone to my computer to edit, edit, edit them.   ARG even!

In an effort to make it up to you I have mashed together a Movie Monday, a TV Tuesday, a Book Bwednesday and a Fri-Internet day in what I like to think of as a "MEGA EPISODE".

I hope you enjoy and if you do please feel free to pass 'er on to a friend!

Feb 2013

Caulk Size Windbreakers


If your car getting pelted with salt is any indication of how good a Fri-Internet-Day episode of a podcast is going to be, then this one is a doooozy!  I discuss:

Comedy Bang Bang (2 Episodes),

Jeff Garlin's new Podcast "By the Way",

Adam Carolla's 100th Podcast!,


Just Cos, and

The Buesy Zone.

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