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Mar 2013

Unitology is the Scientology of the 25th Century


"Video Games ruined my life... Good thing I have two more!"

I talk Dead Space 3 in this Thur-Video-Games-Day episode!  How do you feel about its move away from horror and focusing more on action?

Mar 2013

Boiled Sand & Babysitting Competition


The good thing about TV is that it is a lot like a box that project images and sound for your entertainment...  In this TV Tuesday episode I discuss:

Celebrity Wife Swap,

My Strange Addiction,

Dexter (Season 2 Finale),

Jimmy Kimmel Live (Movie: The Movie: 2v), and

Eastbound and Down (Season 3 Marathon!)

Mar 2013

Yay Judge Meat Monster


Not since "Dumb & Dumber" has anything so thoroughly captured the essence of film as THIS podcast in which I discuss:


Side by Side,

John dies at the End, and

Mad Dog Morgan.

Mar 2013

Robot-Armed Monkey Apocalypse.


If  "Forever Alone" and "Me Gusta" had a baby it would no doubt be a chronic masturbater... Speaking of the internets in this Fir-Internet Day episode I discuss:

V-Sauce: Is your red the same as mine?,

College Humour,

A TED Talk and a Big Think involving Monkeys, robots, and our brains in the cloud...,

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show with Guest Josh Gad, and

Comedy Bang Bang with guests Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Weird Al Yankovic.

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