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May 2013

Nerdvantageous Cross-pollination.


SEX! Now that I have your attention (unless you are asexual...) ****SPECIAL PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENT****

The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast has garnered the attention of brazillions!  Including a Mr. Sam Proof;  creator and curator of the website and "podcast collective" : Podpocolypse. (by "garnered" I of course mean emailed him asking how I could get involved...)

Going forward, episodes of the podcast will also appear on Podpocolypse along with other podcasts (which I discuss in this episode) such as:

Pizza, Games & Zombies ,

Asking For A Friend , and

Kick-In .

Since this all obviously fits in with the usual Fri-Internet Day episode vibe I also discuss:

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show : Guest Gillian Jacobs, and

Doug Loves Movies & Nerdist Wedding Stories.

Sort of an explosion of podcasts in this episode... Perhaps enough to bring about the PODPOCALYPSE!?

May 2013

Celery Ensemblech.


Years ago a book involving vampires came out that has shaped the course of the literary landscape be it for good or ill...  This novel is both adored and met with derision by the masses.   As Twilight breaks on the dawn of a new day I drive to work and record a podcast in which I of course discuss “Doctor Who: Goth Opera” by Paul Cornell.

May 2013



TRUE FACT: On the calendar in my office at work this month is a picture of the cast of the television show "Frasier" with Pinhead from the "Hellraiser" series in the place of Kelsey Grammer... The caption reads "HellFraiser"... In this TV Tuesday episode I discuss:

Doctor Who: Hide,

Nerdist (Season 2 - Episode 4), and

Dexter (Season 4 - Episode 1-3)

May 2013

An Example of my Gypsy Name Curse.


Would ancient Egyptians still worship cats if they saw the movie "Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties" ?  In this Movie Monday episode I discuss:


The Master (with PHILIP SEYMOUR Hoffman whose name I could not remember while recording!), and

Life of Pi.

May 2013

Podcast Peepers Punt


Without the interwebs we would not have easy access to anti-jokes like:

Q. What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? A. The Holocaust.


Q: What is red and smells like blue paint? A: Red paint.

In this Fri-Internet day episode I discuss:

How did this get Made: Street Fighter,

FOD: Michael Shannon reads Crazy Sorority Girl Email,

College Humor, Batman vs. Penguin, and

Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins (many episodes!).

May 2013

Middlequel Ganja Steerage


Travel along with Billy Connolly as he explores the iconic 'Merican landmark that is Route 66!  (Sounds fun right!?)

It very surprisingly was not... sadness...  I think this is my first 2 out of 5 Book Bwednesday review...

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