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Aug 2013

Both Mash & Dust Up!


In the wake of Nerd-Cane Adventures: FanExpo Toronto 2013, I had some odds and sodds kicking around the 'ole brain matter that I thought I would spew forth here so as to start with a bit of a clean slate.  With that in mind I have mashed together a TV Tuesday, Book Bwednesday & Thur-Video-Games Day!  I discuss:

Children s Hospital (Seasons 1-3),

"Time's Eye" by Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter (Book #1 of the Time Odyssey Trilogy), 

Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien,

Jet Set Radio, and

Aug 2013

Nerd-Cane Adventures: FanExpo Toronto 2013


A very super special episode of The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast that I am of course releasing in conjunction with:

or if you prefer the Facebook Version;

I can honestly not say enough (and I do a lot in the podcast!) how nice and kind all the people I came in contact with over the course of the weekend were! 

None of this nerdy "entertainment" would even exists if it were not for all of you! 

A Very Sincere Thank You!

This year marks a series of firsts including being my biggest yet in terms of the sheer amount I managed to fit in to this adventure as well as getting in some what I like to call "Nerdy Cross-Pollination"... Specifically with:

Cosplayers Canada  -> If you are at all serious about Cosplaying you probably have already seen their incredible work and if you have not I highly recommend you check out their Facebook & Flickr accounts to see what some professional photos look like!  Please do not compare his shots to closely to mine! 
Nerd-Cane will be making an appearance on the various Cosplayers Canada sites so look forward to that!

Further plugs go out to all the other kind people who I interacted with and gave me their cards!  Further intermingling of audiences abounds!

Aug 2013



Without the internet the only item from this Fri-Internet day episode that I think would still exist is that we as a human species would find a reason to shoot lasers into a mouse’s brain... I discuss: 

Wolverine vs. Predator & Deadpool vs. Batman & Superman vs. Thor,

TED: Mouse Brain, Laser and Manipulated Memory,

YouTube's "Best of Geek Week" (10 Videos!), and

the Adam Carolla Podcast with guest Chris Hardwick.

Aug 2013

Till the cows come Holmes.


This TV Tuesday episode features a TV show viewed through both my cable box as well as my internet box.  I yearn for the day when TV is downloaded directly to my brain box... I discuss:

Holmes Makes it Right, and

Life of Mammals with David Attenborough. 

(Editors Note: Mr. Maywood Said "Chavalier" instead of "Chuvalo" multiple times... the idiot!)
Aug 2013

Worf vs. Russian Underground


Life is like a Die Hard movie.  You may not know what you are gonna get BUT you can make some educated guesses as to what to expect and usually be fairly accurate... I discuss:

A Good Day to Die Hard, and

Forest Gump.
Aug 2013

The Lap Dance Zone


"When one 'laughs' at things from the internet one often is only expelling more air from their nose than usual." - Breath out some extra air in this Fri-Internet Day episode where I discuss:

Gastro Geek,

Nerdist & V-Sauce: All Star Celebrity Bowling,

TARDIS in Space Kickstarter,

If I Were You, and

WTF with Marc Maron.

Aug 2013

King Rat: The Video Game Maybe


I like weird things.  I like books.  I am no math-a-magician but these things combined in a weird-book are obviously gonna hit some of my “Like” buttons!  I discuss:

"King Rat" by China Miéville
Aug 2013

Anti-Fruit & Cow Explanation


Heart warming, Heart-y Laughter, and Heart Removal in this TV Tuesday episode of the Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast in which I discuss:

Dexter - Season 6 - Episode 1,

The Office - Season 9 - Episode 3, and

The Undatables.
Aug 2013

Atomic Robot Arm & Incorporeal Psychedelics


4 out of 5 movies in this Movie Monday episode feature people fighting for their lives.  The 5th features someone fighting for laughs.  Only one person is successful.  I discuss:

It's A Disaster,

Transcendent Man,

Tom Poppa Live,

Hostel III, and

Enter the Void.

Aug 2013

Fax Facts


"Overly Attached Girlfriend" and "Bad Luck Brian" went on a blind date and the interent imploded...In the aftermath I discuss:

Septimus Prank Calls Libraries,

Epic MealTime: Meatball DeathSub,

Normal Difficulty: Slenderman the Arrival,

V-Sauce: What Would We Miss?, and

Adam Sessler & Sid Meir havachat.

Aug 2013

On That Note The God of Marshmallows


The "Summer Steam Sale" has become so synonymous with gamer's having both their time and money sucked out of their very exsistence that it has become a meme! 
I discuss my contribution to Gabe in this Thur-Video-Games Day episode when I review: 
FTL: Faster then Light,
Reus, and
The Witcher.
Post Script: I think for the first time ever I forgot to mention today's sponsor! Uh. Oh.  I do so here to make up for it... Today's sponsor is The Robotic Unicorn 
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Video-Game Expo!
Aug 2013

Panda Rides #LendAChild


Televisions are a lot like an elephant with an upset stomach.... XXXXXXXXXXX                *EXPLANATION REDACTED*
Whoa!  What happened!?  ARG!  Thanks a lot The Government!  I discuss:
Jimmy Kimmel Live, and
An Idiot Abroad (Series 3 Finale).
Aug 2013

Sciency Reasons


Two of the following movies have bloody chainsaw deaths and two of them have lone, mostly silent killers on missions of vengeance.  All four were watched by me on the weekend and are discussed in this Movie Monday episode! They Are:
Evil Dead (2013),
The Limits of Control, and 
The Great Silence.
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