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Sep 2013

Insanity is Inevitable On


If you do a Google image search for " 241543903 " you will see one of the reasons that the interwebs exist... in this Fri-Internet Day episode I discuss:

V-Sauce: Who Owns the Moon?,

Clueless Gamer (Conan O'Brien plays GTA V), 

Study Hall: Fallout Series,

Nerdist All Star Celebrity Bowling with the Cornetto Trilogy Folk, and

Comedy Bang Bang: With Guest Amy Poehler & Alan Thicke.

Sep 2013

Bulging Lips


Bisesa Dutt (cause that's a name!) is back in action!  Can she prevent the destruction of all human kind!?  No pressure or anything... I discuss:

Firstborn by Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter (Book #3 of the Time's Odyssey Trilogy)
Sep 2013

De-Railing Like A Mutha Fudger.


My second foray into Netflix original created programming has made me realize that our cable providers should be more worried than ever! 

I have a podcast in which I devote every Tuesday to "TV Shows" and yet have not had a cable box in almost 2 years... I discuss:


Sep 2013

The Jokes Per Minute (JPM) Ratio


What do the two movies in this Movie Monday episode have in common!? Find out by listening to it! (Little do they know that they in fact have nothing in common! Muha! Oh... Did I type that out loud...?)  I discuss:

Rush Hour 2, and

Hell Baby.
Sep 2013

Self Plugilation Preambleness


The interwebs was so overflowing with goodness this week that I was practically forced at gravity gun point to do a super extended edition for this weeks Fri-Internet Day! 

I am unsure whether the length and girth of this episode contributed to it being among my favorites or just the subject matter; but I would go so far as to even recommend you listen to this one! Yowza! I discuss:

Jake & Amir: Hotel Room,

REV 3 PAX Panel of Adventure & Wonder,

Normal Difficulty: Outlast (Episodes 1&2),

TED: How Technology Allowed me to Read,

Geek & Sundry Vlogs: Jeff Lewis & Kiri Callaghan, 

Made Man with Host Paul F. Tompkins & Guest Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and

Nerdist Podcast with Guest Katey Sagal.

Sep 2013

Leisure Suite Larry Live Action Point & Click Adventure Porn


My space pilot hand is steady as a rock, I try to get my rocks off and I am a literally a giant rock in this Thur-Video-Games-Day episode in which I discuss:

Galaga Legions DX,

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, and

Giant Boulder of Death.

(TEASE: Next Thur-Video-Games-Day will be my Grand Theft Auto 5 Extravaganza-Spectacular)
Sep 2013

Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie


The argument that "jokes" on The Big Bang Theory make fun of Nerds, and jokes on Community are made fun for Nerds is further strengthened in this TV Tuesday episode in which I discuss:

Community (Season 4, Episodes 1-4)
Sep 2013

Shamaniac Journey


Can you guess which movie in this Movie Monday episode is the first that The Missus has given a five out of five rating to!? The answer may surprise you. #tease.  I discuss:

John Hodgman: Ragnarok,

Rush Hour,

World War Z, and

Three Miles North of Molkom.
Sep 2013

Is Kumail Nanjiani My Long Lost Twin!?


A special thanx goes out to The Missus for the fact that I now have UNLIMITED INTERNET!!!  I vow to use this power for mostly good...

*evil laugh* Muhahahahaha! *evil laugh*

In this Fri-Internet Day episode I discuss:

Co-Optitude: Secret of Mana,

Futurama Live! (Series Finale Pre & Post Show),

The Adam Carolla Podcast with guest Jimmy Kimmel & Denis Prager, and

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show with guest Kumail Nanjiani.
Sep 2013

Sexy Virus & Crazy on Haywire


Saints Row V would have to physically reach out of my TV screen, give me a trained, shaved, three toed sloth & stick a purple banana up my butt in order to top the craziness that is Saints Row IV.  I discuss #4 in the seires in this Thur-Video-Games-Day episode!
Sep 2013

Astronomer On Tap


How do you protect the planet from a solar flare large enough to burn away the very atmosphere!? By training all the unladen swallows of Earth to push the planet out of the way of course!  Clarke & Baxter decided to go a different route.. I discuss:

"Sunstorm" by Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter (Book #2 of the Time's Odyssey Trilogy)
Sep 2013

Luscious Gams Guzzler


If you have devoted your life to the eternal struggle of constantly exposing yourself to both shits & giggles in an effort to make this dreary existence a little less tedious then this TV Tuesday episode is for you!  I discuss:

Jimmy Kimmel Live,

Conan, and

The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.
Sep 2013

Shoot Out at the B-Cup Corral


Two Movie Monday episodes in a row containing films that have "Kiss" in their title... Is the movie subconscious part of my brain trying to tell me something? If so what?  I discuss:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and

Spring Breakers.
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