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Dec 2013

2nd Annual “Scrooged” Reenactment


Yes that's correct I read / act out the movie "Scrooged" starring Bill Murray.  Clearly Santa has not brought me sanity...

This is my holiday gift to you as the podcast will be taking next week (or two) off for the holidays.

For Lease Navi's Dad Everyone!

Dec 2013

Michael (V-Sauce) is this Generations Bill Nye (The Science Guy).


Made the attempt to not jam in so much to this Fri-Internet-Day episode!  The Quality over Quantity route basically... I discuss:

V-Sauce: Moving Illusions,

Speakeasy with host Paul F. Tomkins & Guests Key & Peele, and

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show with guest Bobcat Goldthwait,

Dec 2013

RPG = Role Playing Game OR Rocket Propelled Grenade ?


Did I have more fun driving a Nissan Fairlady Z Version around the track OR Saving some fair ladies from GD Dragons!?  You be the judge in this Thur-Video-Games-Day episode in which I discuss:

Grid 2, and

Dragon's Crown.
Dec 2013

Card Carrying Member of the Mustache Brotherhood


The laughs Mr. Offerman has generated in my belly with his portrayal of Ron Swanson have not 100% translated over into this biography / advise tome...  I discuss:

Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Mans Fundamentals for Delicious Living by Nick Offermen
Dec 2013

Brevity Accrual Enjoyfull


There is no way I could match the eloquence of the gentleman who traveled around the USA in this 6 part BBC documentary so instead I will quote him:

"Are these something truckers hang from their rearview mirrors, do you suppose? Black bull balls. The American male: odd creature."  

I discuss:

Stephen Fry in America
Dec 2013



Can you match the affliction to the movie in this Movie Monday episode!? Super Virulent STD, Poison Leech, Anti-Healing Heart Spider and Aids. I discuss:


After Earth,

The Wolverine, and

Coffee Town.
Dec 2013

How I put Blackberry Out of Business.


Once in a generation a reason why the internet is awesome comes along and punches you in the baby maker!  HERE: 

In this Fri-Internet-Day episode I discuss:

Kids Court with Andy Kindler,

College Humour: Kim Jong Un & Precious Plum,

The Nerdist Podcast with guest Christopher Lloyd, and

Serious Jibber Jabber with Host Conan O'Brien & Guest A. Scott Berg.

Dec 2013

Therefore No Sex Robots


Is the game in this Thur-Video-Games-Day episode the greatest achievement in the  game making history!?


Its not even the greatest game in this episode which is mathematically impossible... I discuss:

Binary Domain.
Dec 2013

Shiny Vampires NOT Sparkly Vampires


If you listened to last Book Bwednesday episode it will come as no surprise that this episode will focus on the sequel to 'The Shining'.  The scares may not be as prevalent but does that necessarily mean its not as good? I discuss:

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.

"Rose The Hat" fan art as predicted...
Dec 2013

Ass Themed Movie Monday


A movie with a bum demon, a movie called 'Gut' and a movie with a 'colon' in the title.  I discuss:

Bad Milo,

Gut, and

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.
Dec 2013

Mental Notes Galore


The Fri-Internet-Day episode as a nice even balance of two YouTube videos and two podcasts and this evenness pleases my brain.  I discuss:

Revision 3: Super Mario 3D Live-Stream,

TED: Meet the Robots of Humanity,

Comedy Bang Bang, and

How Did this Get Made? (Hudson Hawk).

Dec 2013

No Sex Mini-Game!?


I can not think of something were the gulf between my love of the fiction and my terror of the fact is so large as with the apocalypse.  In this Thur-Video-Games-Day episode I discuss:

Metro: Last Light

Dec 2013

Do-Do Covered Night Shower


This ain't your granddaddy's late night talk show!  Your grandmother was a big fan of it though... I discuss:

The Pete Holmes Show.

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