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Jan 2014

Going Deep with California On Getting High with Doug Loves Movies


If Doug Benson was ions and Kassem G was protons then the podcast "Getting High with Doug" would be the Large Hadron Collidor and this Fri-Internet Day episode would be anti-matter...

Jan 2014

I Think (I’m Batman); Therefore, I Am (Batman).


3rd in the series, 1st chronologically, 2nd in some other metric of keeping track of video games in a series I discuss:

Batman: Arkham Origins
Jan 2014

Lollipop Guild vs. Assassins Guild


The Man, The Myth, Not the "Legend" because that is the name of a different character that exists within the Drennai Saga; Waylander is back for more and this time it is still very much a personal thing!  I discuss:

Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf by David Gemmell

Jan 2014

Viciously Beautiful Laugh Circle


Who is Thor's favourite musician?

MC Hammer...What's Iron Man without his suit?

Stark Naked.

Thank you to Super Hero Jokes on Twitter for those... In this TV Tuesday episode I discuss:

Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. (Episode #10, The Bridge)
Jan 2014

Bruce Willis: The Worlds Greatest Smirk’er


Have you heard the theory that the bird lady from Home Alone 2 was in actuality a figment of Kevin McCallister's imagination and that he has the psychic ability to talk to pigeons similar to Aquaman and marine life?  I discuss:

Room 237,

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,

The To Do List, and

Red 2.
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