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Feb 2014

Broken Telephone for Thousands of Years in Multiple Languages.


Further Fri-Internet forays into Science vs. Religion.  

With Penn Jillette now doing my show opening it makes logical sense... Just like Science makes logical sense... huh... I discuss:

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" debates Ken Ham.

Feb 2014

Power Walk for Your Lives!


In this Thur-Video-Games-Day I take my first foray into the Cyrisis series.  If you listened to my podcast in which I reviewed the "game" Binary Domain you will understand that this game is the rich mans Binary Domain... I discuss:

Crysis 3.

ALSO I Jammed talk of two other games into this episode because bigger is better so my custom condom maker tells me... Those games are:

Payday 2, and

Spell Quest (for the iPhone).
Feb 2014

Waylander = Batman


The Drenai Saga has really crawled deeply into the fantasy section of my heart (brain).  The fact that it is an EPIC series that is interconnected and yet each book can stand alone has a lot to do with that brewing love I think... I discuss:

Hero in the Shadows by David Gemmel
Feb 2014

Gold, Frankincense and a Nintendo DS.


This show has given me a lot of laughs and general entertainment lately and I feel a great shame that I have not brought it back on a TV Tuesday yet... For Shame.  I discuss:

Top Gear (UK).
Feb 2014

An Example of the Long Weekend Drive Home Primal Scream


"Would You Rather watch Thor: The Dark World or Gravity?" is a sentence that really sums up this Movie Monday episode in which I discuss:

Would You Rather,

Thor: The Dark World, and 


Post Script: I apparently had the sniffles a bit during this episode.  I edited most of them out but may have missed some...
Feb 2014

Lightning Rod Penis Physics


Today's Fri-Internet-Day episode is a very good cross section of some of the things the internet can get up to... really a great combination of both shits & giggles.  I discuss:

College Humour: Precious Plum Outtakes,

Normal Difficulty's Various Rust Vids, and

California On: AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.
Feb 2014

The Inevitable Mr. Kotter Joke


Are we not all just puppets to "The Man" or since I am married more accurately in my case "The Woman"...? In this Thur-Video-Games-Day episode I discuss:

Puppeteer, and

The Room 2.
Feb 2014

Gingerbread Fallopian Tubes


A collection of short stories is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get. A box of chocolates sometimes even has that little map thing so there's that as well... I discuss:

Just After Sunset by Stephen King
Feb 2014

From the Desk of Brad Pitt.


The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist podcast TV Tuesday Late Night Special!  Special thanks to YouTube for allowing someone who is asleep when all these shows are on to actually watch them!  I discuss:

Jimmy Kimmel Live with the cast of The Monuments Men, and

Jay Leno's 2nd Late Night Goodbye.
Feb 2014

Adora-Swears and a Good Rickety Bridge Scene


Movie Monday envelopes me once again like the love of a good operating system, or the love of the taste of human flesh, or the love of and ex wife... Huh? I discuss:


The Colony, and

Feb 2014

Short & Curly Fairness


Co-creators of Seinfeld. One being a host and one being hosted.  Both taking place exclusively on the internet.  Further validation that the internet is now where some of the best entertainment comes from... In this Fri-Internet day episode I discuss:

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Guest Todd Barry, and

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show with guest Larry David.
Feb 2014

2D Pixelated Boobs


A double Thur-Video-Games-Day episode where the gamut is thoroughly run between depressing and insane... Depresane if you will...?  I discuss:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Feb 2014

Sergeant Zim vs. Sergeant Hartman


Starship Troopers the movie came out when I was 16 and was not yet what one would call a "reader" so I was surprised to find out that it was in actuality a book first!  By Heinlein no less!  In this Book Bwednesday episode I discuss: 

Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein.

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