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Mar 2014

Comedic Decapitation.


Men on missions is apparently the unintentional theme of this Movie Monday episode.  I discuss:
Captain Phillips,
Nebraska, and
Mar 2014

Jaw Drop Back Drop Drop


Arguably the most powerful man on the globe is using the internet for his own devices and that is a beautiful thing as far as this Fri-Internet-Day episode is concerned...More power to you Todd Glass!  I discuss:
Between Two Ferns with Guest Barak Obama,
REV 3: The Positive Power of the Gaming Community,
V-Sauce: What is the Resolution of the Eye, and
Set List with Todd Glass.
Mar 2014

Not a Dead Hooker Contest


Out with not a bang but a whimper if this game ends up being my last PS3 experience... Sadness.   I discuss:
Remember Me,  and
My New PS4 that I ordered in December and just got here...
Mar 2014

In Memoriam to Jordan’s Boobs.


We did it!  12 God Damn great books in this series!  At a round a book a week I have spent around 1/4 of this year immersed in the Drenai Saga and I do not regret a minute of it!  I discuss:

The Swords of Night & Day by David Gemmell.
Mar 2014

Minton The Dog Shat on the Floor. Bad Minton!


If you have seen a picture of both a shark brain and the female reproductive system you will know why this TV Tuesday episode makes perfect sense!
tumblr_lebzrhQTng1qbn1vmo1_r1_500.jpg   I discuss:
Marriage Ref, and 
Shark Tank.
Mar 2014

Headelabras & Jake Blinkenhall


WWPP are the first 4 letters of each of the movies in this Movie Monday episode which of course stands for What Would Picasso Poop? I discuss:
Welcome to the Jungle, and
Mar 2014

Elementary My Dear Booger.


Fri-Internet day episodes of The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast are like the peanut butter and jam of the sex toy world. If I need to explain that, I just don't know what to tell you...  I discuss:
Speakeasy with host Paul F. Tompkins and guest Gillian Jacobs,
Kevin Pollak's Chat Show with guest Curtis Armstrong, and

(3) TED Talks on Folding Microscope, DNA Vending Machine, & Growing Bone.
Mar 2014

Laaraa Cloft: Intuition Nose


Welcome to the Tomb Raider where "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave". I suppose there is a sort of logic that my first foray into this video game series that started in 1996 has been with the re-boot / prequel.  I discuss:
Tomb Raider.
Mar 2014

Go Back in Time to Kill Hitler OR Creator of The Real Housewives?


An unusual TV Tuesday episode (although aren't they all!?) In which I discuss a couple snippets of two shows I love as well as a handful of shows that the Missus likes and I hate.  Specifically:
Jimmy Kimmel Live with guest Toronto Mayor Rob Ford,
Clueless Gamer with Conan O'Brien, and
Some Horrible Television Shows.
Mar 2014

Harry Potter and the Deathly Podcast Part 2


Even with magic there was just no way to fit all these movies in one episode so in this Move Monday episode I discuss:

Harry Potter (The Last 4 Movies)
Mar 2014

Chilly on the Digits


This is the Fri-Internet day episode that will go down in history for the one were I saw a wolf, witnessed some road rage in the form of a truck driver hitting another driver in the face (no joke), and I apparently had some sort of Bubbles induced seizure... I discuss:

DIY Dammit with Guest Grace Helbig,

Epic Meal Time with guests The Trailer Park Boys,

Twitch Plays Adam Sessler, 

Teach (Staring Reggie Watts), and

some "Why is everyone so mean to Sam Levine?" talk to round it out!
Mar 2014

Druss the Legend vs. Batman


The second to last book of the Drenai Saga introduces Skilgannon the Damned which was not a very nice thing to name your kid!  No wonder he turned out like he did... I discuss:

White Wolf by David Gemmell.
Mar 2014

I’d Like a Fruit Cup - Ryu (Street Fighter)


A show sometimes comes along that one grows very attached to and then leaves for a while and its like there is a hole in your metaphorical heart and then in comes back and that hole is filled with Peter...what? I discuss the return of:

The Pete Holmes Show
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