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Jan 2015

Poopville Boob Department


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy gOD! as far as I am concerned...

Episode #305 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = This is Where I leave You, Women Aren't Funny, Burt's Buzz and Small Apartments

Television Talk = QI with Host Stephen Fry

Book Banter = Doctor Tung: Time Traveling Origami Robot (Part 3)
Game Gabbin' = Dragon Age: Inquisition (Part 2)
Internet Intercourse = Adam Carolla's Alison Rosen Explanation & The Nerdist Podcast with guest Martin Short
Jan 2015

If Dwarvenly Possible


First podcast I ever listened to. First 20 hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition.  First Season of Trailer Park Boys.  First short story I have written in many years... If you are the first to comment on this episode and don't write "FIRST!" I will be disappointed.


Episode #304 Segmented Thusly:
Movie Monologue = Odd Thomas, Anabelle and Filth.
Television Talk = Trailer Park Boys (Season 1)
Book Banter = Doctor Tung: Time Traveling Origami Robot (Part 2)
Game Gabbin' = Dragon Age: Inqusition (First 10 hour or so)
Internet Intercourse = Kevin Pollak's Chat Show with Guest Harland Williams.
Jan 2015

The Dedicated to Alison Rosen Episode


This weeks episode is an illusory loving kiss from a Japanese Robot. It's a second place trophy for time travel. It's an unfolding mug of demons.  It's about 32 minutes long....

Episode # 303 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Devil's Pass, The Trip to Italy, Corner Gas: The Movie and The Babadook.
Television Talk = Shark Tank (Season 6, Episode 1)
Book Banter = Doctor Tung: Time Traveling Origami Robot (Part 1)
Game Gabbin' = Far Cry 4 Trophy Run & Gameplay Style As You Age.
Internet Intercourse = Farewell to Alison Rosen from the Adam Carolla Podcast. (Sadness)
Jan 2015

Artificial Walrus


Getting into the flow of things again I think... You tell me!?
Episode # 302 Segmented Thusly:
Movie Monologue = Gone Girl, Maze Runner & Tusk
Television Talk = Night Court
Book Banter = Wired Magazine Artificial Intelligence Coverage
Game Gabbin' = Age of Empires II and Baldur's Gate II
Internet Intercourse = Inside Gaming
Jan 2015

Episode 301: The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast Jesus Like Resurrection (But Real !)


Aaaannnndddd we're back! (I am of course using the podcast "we" which is a lot like the royal "we" in that it can mean "I")

Confused!? That makes three of us... Episode 301 is what we are going to call this thing. A whole new era for the Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast.

Things that have changed

1) Rather than upwards of five 30-40 minute podcasts a week there will be one 30ish minute episode because as I say to all the little kiddies listening out there: "If work is hard, don't do it"

2) Movie Monday is now Movie Monologue

3) TV Tuesday is now Television Talk

4) Book Bwednesday is now Book Banter

5) Thur-Video-Games-Day is now Game Gabbin'

6) Fri-Internet-Day is now Internet Intercourse

7) No more recording while driving! Got myself an actual factual USB microphone and everything... Like a professional! (Please do not expect a professional podcast.)

Things that have remained the same:

1) Nonsensical Ratings of things

2) Nonsensical Sponsors

3) Nonsensical Theme Musics and Sounds

4) Nonsensical Rants

E) Nonsense.

Basically what has happened is we (meaning I) here at the podcast have taken the essences of the previous incarnation and boiled it down and reduced it to its quintessential components. Streamlined is a word you could use... and by that I mean a word you could use to describe the podcast going forward not just sort a word you could use in day-to-day conversation if you so choose... oh boy...

Please if you like what hear pass it on to a friend. If you don't like what you hear pass it on to an enemy. Rating, Subscribing and Commenting on iTunes is also very nice of you.

Hello Again!

Just a little bit about the actual content of this episode. I decided to just talk of some of my favorite consumptions of media while I have been away and they are...were:

1) Movie Monolgue = Guardians of the Galaxy

2) Television Talk = Night Court, Sons of Anarchy, and of course Doctor Who

3) Book Banter - The Wheel of Time Series

4) Game Gabbin' = Divine Divinity, Paths of Exile, Terraria & Far Cry 4

5) Internet Intercourse = A wide variety of stuffs... Also feel free to follow me on YouTube here:

I will post special episodes and Playlists there.

Then End...? No.

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