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Sep 2016

Podcast Equivalent of “The Shocker” is Todd Glass on Comedy Bang Bang & Werner Herzog on WTF.


If you want to know the hottest trends you should ask a pediatric pulmonary specialist since they really have their fingers on the pulse of today's youth.

Episode #373

Movie Monologue = Flight of the Phoenix (2004), The Fisher King, The Fundamentals of Caring and The Fault in Our Stars.

Television Talk = HarmonQuest

Book Banter = #JustTweets (Due to 9 part serial Fantasy)

Game Gabbin' = No Man’s Sky (Weekend 1)

Internet Intercourse = No Man's Sky: A Walk in the Digital Woods - The Point, Geek & Sundry - Nuka Break (Episodes 1-3), If I were You (Re-Visited-Catch-Up) and The two most opposite guest ever to listen to back-to-back!  Todd Glass on Comedy Bang Bang & Werner Herzog on WTF.

Sep 2016

Shitally Graphic’ed Human Ratings


How did Cyrano de Bergerac get to the moon? Snot Rockets.

Episode #372

Movie Monologue = Honeymoon, Weird Science, Batman: The Killing Joke, The Lobster and Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.

Television Talk = The Baby Bachelorette & Real Time with Bill Maher.

Book Banter = The Fanged Crown (Forgotten Realms: The Wilds #1) by Jenna Helland

Game Gabbin' = Wasteland 2 and Barony

Internet Intercourse = California On Comic-Con 8, Twits & Crits (Funhaus plays D&D), Party Legends (Viceland) and Jordan, Jesse Go! with guest Steve Agee.

Sep 2016

Pornstar Z: Brain Fungus



Dragon Ball A through Y episodes are impossible to find! 


Episode #371 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Dreamcatcher, Ted 2, Inside Out and Watchmen.

Television Talk = Bar Rescue (Season 1 - 3)

Book Banter = Dreamcatcher by Stephen King

Game Gabbin' = Dragon Ball Xenoverse 


Internet Intercourse = I Hit it With My Axe (NEW Episodes 37- 40), Never Not Funny with guest Amber Rose, High & Mighty with host Jon Gabrus and  Epic Meal Time goes to Japan.

Sep 2016

Nerd-Cane Adventures: FanExpo Toronto 2016


Thank you so much to all the cosplayers who say yes when a strange man asked to take your pic while holding a cane for some reason.  None of this would be possible without you so it is your fault basically...

As per usual you can listen to the podcast with all the many pics I took over top of it on YouTube here:

OR Check out the Facebook page where all the pics are posted here: 

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