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Apr 2017
Apr 2017

Wizard vs. Druid vs. Musk vs. Nye


"'I'm getting too young for this..." - Benjamin Murtaugh

Episode #399 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Resident Evil: Damnation, Moana, Bad Santa 2, Manchester by the Seas and Passengers. 

Television Talk = Alone (Season 1)

Book Banter =  Black Wizards (Forgotten Realms: The Moonshae Trilogy #2) by Douglas Niles

Game Gabbin' = Doom (2016)

Internet Intercourse = StarTalk with guest Bill Nye & Elon Musk, You Made It Weird with guest Sarah Silverman, A Vance Gilbert & Don’t Stop or We’ll Die Rabbit Hole, United Kassem (Episode #1) and Norm macdonald Live with guest Stephen Merchant.

Apr 2017

Samurai Jack is like a TARDIS


"4/19 Dude lets smoke some reefer!" - Proactive Pot Smoker.

 Episode #398 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Resident Evil: Degeneration, Death Race 2050, The Visit, Hacksaw Ridge and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

Television Talk = Samurai Jack (Season 1-4)

Book Banter =  Darkwalker on Moonshae (Forgotten Realms: The Moonshae Trilogy #1) by Douglas Niles

Game Gabbin' = Frog Fractions (Due to NoClip) 

Internet Intercourse = Zelda: Breath of the Wild Coverage, Philip DeFranco takes a break & Internet Burnout, Nerd Poker Re-Listen (Blaine vs. Sark) and Anna Faris Is Unqualified with Guest Joel McHale.

Apr 2017

Rusty Shackleford: Magic Time


Keep your arm curls  I would rather  curl up with a good book!

Episode #397 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Resident Evil 5: Retribution,  The Edge of Seventeen,  The Shallows, Justice League Dark and  Into the Inferno. 

Television Talk = Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park 

Book Banter =  Double Movie Monologue = Doctor Strange, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, Band of Robbers, Enter the Battlefield: Life on the Magic and Tombstone. 

Game Gabbin' = New Video Card Installation and PC vs. Console. 

Internet Intercourse = Nerdist with guest Catherine O'Hara, WTF with guest Eugene Levy,  Dumb People Town, VSauce3: Time with guest Neil Degrasse Tyson, Headgum’s YouTube page and Vance Gilbert (first heard on Pardcastathon)

Apr 2017

Zelda Peanut Butter and Jam Final Boss Tips & Tricks


"Echo" is probably the word that is yelled the most.

Episode #396 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Resident Evil 4: Afterlife , Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, The Money Pit, Unbreakable and The Nice Guys.

Television Talk = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 3) 

Book Banter =  Double Movie Monologue = Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special, I Smile Back, Mr. Right, Upside Down and Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl.

Game Gabbin' = The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Final Boss)

Internet Intercourse = Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Season #9) and Joemar: My Internship with Funhaus.

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