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May 2017

Audience Participation Depression Bow


I believe it’s pronounced “Gif Peanut Butter.”

Episode #402 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Independence Day, Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America, Why Him?, Chaos on the Bridge and Cobra.   

Television Talk = Cosplay Melee (Season 1, Episode 1)

Book Banter =  Prophet of Moonshae (Forgotten Realms: Druidhome #1) by Douglas Niles 

Game Gabbin' = Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Internet Intercourse = Casey Neistat, NoClip: The Witness, The LAWD: Skyrim’s Secondary Location, Kassem & Bobby Lee and The Duncan Trussle Family Hour with guest Adam Strauss

May 2017

White Knighting Beetlejuice 2 for SEO


Welcome to the Liborube! A podcast by any other name smells as sweat...

Episode #401 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, The Young Offenders, Eddie the Eagle and And Now For Something Completely Different. 

Television Talk = Oranges: The New Black (Season #4)

Book Banter =  Darkwell (Forgotten Realms: The Moonshae Trilogy #3) by Douglas Niles.

Game Gabbin' = Double Television Talk = Joe Rogan Questions Everything 

Internet Intercourse = The Todd Glass Show with guest Bert Kreischer,  Sean Evans & Papa Roach Eat Insects, Funhaus: Google Trends Show and TED: Why women should tell the stories of humanity

May 2017

The Librocube: Episode 400 Name Change & Standup Special


Well, Well, etc.  Episode #400 is finally here... Every 100 episodes I have done something special and I think this is the specialist yet! List!

1)  An almost unheard of podcast name change!  Who has two thumbs and named their podcast something no one can spell let alone say!? *Points at myself with my thumbs* This Guy!  Going forward the podcast will simply been known as "The Librocube."

Pants)  I have moved the podcast from the bloated "Comedy" section of iTunes to "Society & Culture > Personal Journals" where I hope it will flourish like the beautiful flower it is.  The podcast is basically a record (or "journal") of all the media I consume so this makes a sort of sense...

3a) Dedication #1 goes out to a very special Facebook group of that  pulled me into its warm and foamy embrace some months ago.  Never have I felt so welcome among such a large group of truly weird and wonderful people.  I've heard of a podcast but a podcast that talks about podcasts dedicated to a group of people who love podcasts!?

3b) Dedication #2 is for a very special man (who left us way too soon) by the name of Harris Wittels.  Over the years I have spoken very highly of him on the podcast and often focused on his "Foam Corner" jokes.   Harris would often use his Twitter & Foam Corner  to post his sort of "throw away" and work in progress type jokes.  These jokes would more often than not have me laughing harder than most peoples fully formed material.  This episode is dedicated to him because I have basically stolen that same idea and every Sunday I post my very pale imitations of his Foam Corner style jokes.  I call them #JustTweets (mainly just to keep track of them all) and in this episode I have gathered my favorite ones and have read them aloud in the hopes that among the hundreds of them there exists a few that are actually funny.

4) Every episode that ends in a zero means a two week podcast break for you all to get caught up and this one is no exception.  "The Librocube" will be back in two weeks in the regular format.  Which is:

a) Movie Monologue

b) Television Talk

c) Book Banter

d) Game Gabbin'

e) Internet Intercourse

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