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Aug 2018

How To Find Women Who Play Dungeons and Dragons?


Finally an answer to the classic 'Bear vs. Shark" question! (Which is the better kisser...?)

Episode #455 Segmented Thusly:


Movie Monologue = 1922, Backcountry, A Quiet Place and Jaws.


Television Talk = Mind Field (Season 1 & 2)


Book Banter = Rogue (Star Trek: The Next Generation) by Andy Mangels,Michael A. Martin  

Game Gabbin' = Cally's Caves 3, One More Dungeon and Kona.


Internet Intercourse = Harmonquest (Season #2) and How does one find women who play D&D?

Aug 2018

Conan Bobs and Cloaked Romulan Ale



This episode is like the Chevy 454 Big Block Engine of podcasts...Episode #454 Segmented Thusly:


Movie Monologue = The Party, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Smiley Face, Singularity and Meantime.


Television Talk = Arrested Development (Season #5)


Book Banter = Cloak (Star Trek: Section 31 #1) by S.D. Perry 


Game Gabbin' = Conan Exiles and Fishing Planet


Internet Intercourse = TED Talk Titles: The incredible potential of flexible, soft robots w/ Giada Gerboni, Four billion years of evolution in six minutes w/ Prosanta Chakrabarty, How I'm bringing queer pride to my rural village w/ Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile, What we'll learn about the brain in the next century w/ Sam Rodriques and lastly The discoveries awaiting us in the ocean's twilight zone w/ Heidi M. Sosik

Aug 2018

Steve Martin Short: The Boringness of Accountancy



Episode #453 of the Indian sitcom 'Uppum Mulakum' has over on hundred thousand views on YouTube.  Will my episode #453 compete with that?  Only time will tell...

Episode #453 Segmented Thusly:


Movie Monologue = Iceman, the Thirteenth Floor and Ghostheads.


Television Talk = The Wire (Season #4)


Book Banter = Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman


Game Gabbin' = Steam Summer Sale! (What I Bought...)


Internet Intercourse = Double Movie Monologue = Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive, Inheritance, Mayhem and Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life.

Aug 2018

A Genuine Insanity Roll



Attila the Hun invaded Northern Italy in the year 452....


Episode #452 Segmented Thusly:


Movie Monologue = The Endurance, Batman Ninja, Ingrid Goes West and a Stephen Fry Gutenberg Press Documentary.


Television Talk = Do You Want to See a Dead Body? (Season #1) and Portlandia (Season #8)


Book Banter = Double Television Talk = Garth Marenghi's Darkplace


Game Gabbin' = Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (15 Hours In)


Internet Intercourse = The Burger Show with host Alvin Cailan, The Buttpod European Tour and D&D Talk (Finding Women Players...?)

Aug 2018

Mellow Out My Dudes and Dudettes


This episode number reminds my of my favorite Ray Bradbury title "Fahrenheit 451" or in Canada " Celsius 232.778".

Episode #451 Segmented Thusly:


Movie Monologue = Double Television Talk = My Brother, My Brother and Me


Television Talk = Cheers (The Rebecca Years) and Suits (Season #7)


Book Banter = Dragonslayer's Return (Spearwielder's Tale #3) by R.A. Salvatore  


Game Gabbin' = Subnautica & Sunless Sea


Internet Intercourse = My "Go To" Twitch Channels: NormalDifficulty, ThatChickParker and gfaust.


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