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Feb 2021

560 - Today is the day of my birth.



Some politics slipped into this one but c'est la age we live in...

*Does this episode number end with a '0'? Yes.  Does that mean you get two weeks to get caught up on episodes? Also yes'*


Episode #560 Segmented Thusly: 


Movie Monologue = The Invisible Man (2020) and Sinister.


Game Gabbin' = Sliders Session 5 Recap: Limbo


Internet Intercourse = The Best, Worst & Blandest of 2020 (Zero Punctuation), Kruggsmash: Splatterface II, Adam Savage and Spot (Boston Dynamics) and "What happens after the Capitol attacks?" - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

Feb 2021

559 - Goldilocks Zone of Spoiler Careage



Yuan Huangtou was the first recorded human to fly in the year 559...


Episode #559 Segmented Thusly: 


Movie Monologue = Brittany Runs a Marathon, House of Wax, This is the End and 12 Feet Deep.


Television Talk = Star Trek Discovery (Season 3, Episodes 11-13)


Game Gabbin' = Cyberpunk 2077

Internet Intercourse = The Big Fat Quiz 2020/2021, A Love Letter to Fallout: New Vegas from hbomberguy, Jordan, Jesso Go w/ guest Blaine Capatch and Unraveled: Pokemon Edibility (The last one!?)

Feb 2021

558 - The Titular Train



This episode is really.... *Swedish Chef Kiss*


Episode #558 Segmented Thusly: 


Movie Monologue = 3:10 to Yuma, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Midnight Sky and Cadaver.


Television Talk = A Muppet Family Christmas 


Internet Intercourse = How Did This Get Played: Bible Adventures w/ Paul F. Tompkins, Nerd Poker: Forest Meat Up w/ Felicia Day and Critical Role (Done for the 2020... despite this episode dropping in 2021...Don't at me)

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