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Jun 2016

An Experiment Gone Awry

June 22, 2016


Whoever Smelled it Delled it. Whoever smelt it extracted metal from ore.

Episode #361 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, Terminator Genisys, The Exorcism of Molley Hartley, An Honest Liar and God's Pocket.

Television Talk = Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 1 & 2) 

Book Banter = One of those "books everyone should read" list/challenge things.

Game Gabbin' = Dark Souls III (Weekend 1)

Internet Intercourse = My Most Popular YouTube Video Experience, Comedy Bang Bang 7 Year Anniversary Show, TED TALK TITLE: The dawn of the age of holograms w/ Alex Kipman and WatchMojo: Top 10 WTF Japanese Game Shows.