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Jul 2016

Rocket Butt & Laser Sniper Rifle Arm.

July 13, 2016


In the debate of Pepsi vs. Coke I find that you can't pay a prostitute with Pepsi.

Episode #364 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, Deadpool, Where to Invade Next, Zoolander 2 and 

Television Talk = Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 1-3)

Book Banter = A Double Television Talk! feat. Great Minds with Dan Harmon

Game Gabbin' = Fallout 4 (Automatron & Far Harbor)

Internet Intercourse = Gamespot's 20 Year Anniversary, Geek & Sundry Let's Play: Job Simulator, PewDiePie Playing Scary VR and WatchMojo Comic Book Origins: Psylocke & The Preacher.