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Oct 2017

A Dramatic Reading and my Adventure Zone Wisdom Tooth Adventure

October 18, 2017
They should make a Bar Rescue but for Restaurants!
Episode #419 Segmented Thusly:
Movie Monologue = The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Trainspotting 2, Ghost in the Shell and Band Aid.
Television Talk = Bar Rescue and Bell vs. Rogers TV

Book Banter =  In the Balance (Worldwar #1) by Harry Turtledove
Game Gabbin' = Batman: Arkham VR and Reggie Watt’s VR Concert.
Internet Intercourse = Wisdom Teeth Extraction & The Adventure Zone Finale (but not for good), Funhaus Retires the Watchmen for the Avengers and 10 Years of Funny or Die with Will Ferell & Adam McKay.