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Dec 2017

The Fast (Me) and the Furious (The Missus)

December 13, 2017



In a true test of the foundation of our marriage we watch a "Fast & Furious" move every week for 8 weeks!


Episode #425 Segmented Thusly:


Movie Monologue = Fast & Furious Franchise (FFF) Talk with The Missus!


Television Talk = Samurai Jack (Season 5)


Book Banter =  Double Movie Monologue = Killing Hasselhoff, The Last Days, Rob the Mob, The Babysitter and The Bye Bye Man.


Game Gabbin' = Halloween D&D 


Internet Intercourse = Who Charted with guest Scott Aukerman, DrDisRespect @ TwtichCon AKA DocCon, Solo Bolo Cinqolo, With Special Guest with special guest Paul F. Tompkins and RISK! Halloween Episode.