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Feb 2018

Sherlock Holmes is an Alien & Hesitant Fives

February 14, 2018


In my most aggressive "Watch all movies in a series 1 week at a time" yet I start watching all James Bond movies Dr. No this is not a good idea...


Episode #431 Segmented Thusly:


Movie Monologue =Dr. No, The Comedian, Bon Cop Bad Cop and Midnight Run.


Television Talk =Letterkenny


Book Banter =  Double Television Talk = Sherlock (Series 1)


Game Gabbin' =Divinity: Original Sin 2


Internet Intercourse = The Pointless Podcast (Is Back!) with guest Mia Khalifa, GM Tips with Satine Phoenix (Community), Bunker Buddies and Dan Harmon's Depression Advice.


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