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Apr 2018

A Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Finale Hot Take Experiment

April 18, 2018


A good batch of moves here except for the one... Guess Which!?
*The episode number ends in a zero so you know what that means!?*
Episode #440 Segmented Thusly:
Movie Monologue = The Living Daylights, Free Fire, Kung Fu Hustle and Batman vs. Two-Face.
Television Talk = Star Trek: Discovery Season #1 Finale Hot Take!
Book Banter =  Double Movie Monologue = License to Kill, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, Atomic Blonde and The Bad Batch
Game Gabbin' = Maize, Pixel Gladiator and The Legend of Grimlock.
Internet Intercourse = Mt Next 3 D&D Campaign Ideas & Google Sheets.