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Sep 2018

What is your crazy flavour?

September 12, 2018


Anyone remember species 456 from Doctor Who!?  This episode has nothing to do with them...

Episode #456 Segmented Thusly:


Movie Monologue = Annihilation, What About Bob?, Rampage and The Commodore Story.

Television Talk = Californication

Book Banter = Section 31: Abyss (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) by David Weddle & Jeffrey Lang


Game Gabbin' = Dungeons of Dredmor and a return to No Man's Sky.

Internet Intercourse = The Joey "Coco" Diaz & Bobby Lee Podcast Crossover, The Noclip GOG DOC, The Adventure Zone: Live at Sanfrancisco and San Diego Comic-Con Vids.