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Sep 2019

A podcast that makes you a better person (not this one)

September 4, 2019


496 is a mathematical "Perfect Number" and this episode ain't to shabby either!

Episode #496 Segmented Thusly: 

Movie Monologue = Shazam!, Lifeforce, Raw Deal, Wagons East and Lying & Stealing.

Television Talk = Black Mirror (Season #5)

Book Banter = Double Television Talk = Fleabag (Season #1)

Game Gabbin' = Storm King's Thunder Session #2 Recap: The Kobold Krisis Kontinues

Internet Intercourse = Yo, Is This Racist?, Funhaus: ToeJam & Earl Gameplay, Mario Maker Impossible Levels, How Did This Get Made: Deadfall and Johnny Pemberton on Many Podcasts.