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Mar 2020

518 - What is the best cliffhanger ever?

March 11, 2020



This episode goes out to the city of Scupi that was destroyed in an earthquake in the year 518...


Episode #518 Segmented Thusly: 


Movie Monologue = League of Legends Origins, Uncut Gems, Ernest Saves Christmas, The Night Eats the World and The Laundromat.


Television Talk = iZombie (Season 1-5) and Nailed It! Holiday! (Season 2, Episode 3)


Book Banter =  Bec (The Demonata #4) by Darren Shan  


Game Gabbin' = Red Dead Redemption II (Chapter 1-2)


Internet Intercourse = Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2019, Doughboys: Xi'an Famous Foods, Funhaus: Band Manager and Dr. Disrespect Plays Escape from Tarkov.



Cleanup Conversation = Doctor Who (Season 12, Episode 1)