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May 2020

528 - The Meet Cute Sextet

May 20, 2020


I have an application in to be The Tiger Viscount...


Episode #528 Segmented Thusly: 

Movie Monologue = Jigsaw, American Factory, Suicide Kings and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.


Television Talk = Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


Book Banter = Kindred Spirits (Dragonlance: Meetings Sextet #1) by Mark Anthony & Ellen Porath.


Game Gabbin' = A Space Themed D&D 3-Shot (The Balance of Judgement)


Internet Intercourse = Talk Show Hosts from Home, Alton Brown's YouTube Channel, Virtual GaryCon and Corona Comedy Duo Revivals.

Cleanup Conversation = Picard (Season #1)