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Aug 2020

540 - Relatively Happy Out

August 26, 2020



Looks like a lot of my few listeners are in Ireland so this one goes out to you!
*Does the episode number end in zero?  Then that means 2 weeks for you to get caught up*

Episode #540 Segmented Thusly: 


Movie Monologue = First Cow, Shallow Grave, Pig Hag, Foosballers, Ghost Ship, The Mist and Thir13en Ghosts.


Television Talk = Gadget Man: Fry vs Aoyade


Game Gabbin' = From Dust


Internet Intercourse = Pep Talks w/ Eddie Pepitone with guest J. Elvis Weinstein, XP to Level 3: Adventure Revisions and Scorchfountain (Episode #15)