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Apr 2013

Episode 100: The Dream-o-Sphere

April 13, 2013


First and foremost a special thanks to all who have listened.   As I say in the podcast every day the only payment I ask is a million dollars... NO!  That is ridiculous!  They only payment I ask is that perhaps you pass the podcast on to a friend.

You can share this link:

BUT what would help this podcast grow even more than it already has, is if you were to both subscribe, rate, and comment on the podcast in iTunes.  I realize that is asking a lot but it will pay off in some good vibes for all I assure you.   That is the Librocube Guarantee!

Secondly; So far I have only spewed forth the effluvia of my consciousness; however, in this special 100th episode we will explore the dreamscape of my unconscious as I read to you the dream journal I used to keep years ago... If you are a friend of mine you may very well have appeared in one of my dreams so there is a little tease for you!

Lastly I have decided every 100 episodes I am going to both do a little something special like this episode,  as well as take a podcasting break so you can all get caught up on your episodes!  Lovely.  I figure 100 episodes warrants a week off, 200 episodes will then be followed by a 2 week break, etc.

Thanx again and remember It's nice to be nice to the nice!