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Oct 2013

Episode 200 AND 1 Year Anniversary Exstravaganzspectacular!

October 11, 2013


Well, Well, etc.

The fact that "Lackadaisical" is right in the name of the podcast means that even though my 200th episode and 1 year anniversary do not line up perfectly I am gonna go ahead and say "close enough"...

Between 51% and 99% of the reason I do this podcast is because I like doing it.  The remaining percent is the hopes that others listen and potentially even like what they hear enough to pass it on to a friend.  A Special thanks to those who have done so and by the time I post this 200th episode we will be just over 20,000 downloads! Yowza!

Like my 100th episode I thought I would do a little something special so with that in mind I have dusted off a little gem of nerdishness that I jury rigged years ago.

Picture if you will a man who has to much time on his hands.  
A man who complied a giant list of "How tough is Chuck Norris?" jokes from around the internet.
A man who used Microsoft Word to replace "Chuck Norris" with "Jordan Maywood".  
A man who transferred that document over to a program that spoke the words in a female robot voice.
A man who then posted that on the internet as his 200th Episode and 1 year Anniversary of his ridiculous podcast.


Post Script: Happy Thanksgiving! (Today in Canada and a preemptive happiness wish to our neighbors to the South)