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Sep 2014

Nerd-Cane Adventures: FanExpo Toronto 2014

September 1, 2014


As Aaron Lewis of the American rock band Staind that was formed in 1995 in Springfield, Massachusetts once said: "It's been a while" !!!!

On that note things are in the works for the podcast returning in 2015.  Exciting things no less! I am still working out some details but it will be quite a bit different from the first 300 episodes and that's all I am saying for now and you can't make me!

Now on to this thing!  FanExpo Toronto 2014 is over and boy howdy was that a lot of fun!  Seriously pooped

If you are interested in seeing all the incredible pics of famous folks signing Nerd-Cane as well as many dozens of amazing cosplayers holding him you can do so here: 

If you would like to hear this podcast while those same pics flash before your eyes like some sort of motion pictures you can do so on YouTube here: 

Lastly, and most importantly a thanks.  Thank you to all those who where so kind (as usual) to Nerd-Cane and his handler!  You make these expo thing-a-majigs some of the greatest times of his immortal life! 

Some of the very small thanks I can give on behalf of Nerd-Cane is to plug anything that you might like plugging!  But not in a sexual way as I am very happily married...  As Scott Aukerman of the Comedy bang bang podcast says Lets open the 'ole plug bag:

LeeAnna Vamp:

Ivy Doomkitty:

Jessica Nigri:

Nadya Sonika:

Kay Pike:

Kaitlyn Smith:

The Ontario Ghostbusters:

The Toronto X-Men:

Cosplayers Canada:

Model Mayhem:

Porcupine Design:


Geekin' Gorgeous:

If I am forgetting anyone please let me know and I can add!