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May 2013

Nerdvantageous Cross-pollination.

May 9, 2013


SEX! Now that I have your attention (unless you are asexual...) ****SPECIAL PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENT****

The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast has garnered the attention of brazillions!  Including a Mr. Sam Proof;  creator and curator of the website and "podcast collective" : Podpocolypse. (by "garnered" I of course mean emailed him asking how I could get involved...)

Going forward, episodes of the podcast will also appear on Podpocolypse along with other podcasts (which I discuss in this episode) such as:

Pizza, Games & Zombies ,

Asking For A Friend , and

Kick-In .

Since this all obviously fits in with the usual Fri-Internet Day episode vibe I also discuss:

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show : Guest Gillian Jacobs, and

Doug Loves Movies & Nerdist Wedding Stories.

Sort of an explosion of podcasts in this episode... Perhaps enough to bring about the PODPOCALYPSE!?