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Oct 2019

The Librocube Episode 500: Video

October 2, 2019


We did it.... Started in October 2012 and here we are 7 years later still going weak and reaching two simultaneous milestones.

1) Episode #500

2) First ever video episode

Those two things coinciding ended up in a 6 hour long video that is too large for Podbean to handle... SO instead I just posted a small clip from it and should you be a crazy person and want to check it out the full version you can do so by downloading it from the Internet Archive:


(I originally posted on YouTube BUT 1 copy-write strike later it was taken down...)


*UPDATE* Seems like Vimeo may be a little better about this sort fo thing as well so you can watch an admittedly low-res version there:


I do want to throw out a sincere thank you to anyone who has listened over the years.  I do this thing since I like doing it but its nice to know there may be people out there who find some entertainment in this mess of a podcast... Yay!