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Xena: Amish Princess


It's "TV Tuesday" once again!  wHooopie!  We ramble on about:

Parks & Rec,

MASH (Again),

Xena & Hercules,

Breaking Amish,

And much, much more!

Would love some feedback too ya buggers!


The Chernobyl Diaries of Anne Frank


I was excited to post this one yesterday but Podbean was down! Boo! Boo Earns!

In the second or 1 of 2 "Movie Monday" episode we discuss:

The Chernobyl Diaries,

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,

Winning Season,

Anvil: The Story of Anvil,

Anywhere USA.

Fill your ear holes with this noise!


FWH = Furry Wet Hole


They said I was mad when I told them I was going to publish 2 podcasts in 1 day! Mad I tell you!

They weren't wrong! Muhahahahaha!

We talk podcast mostly in this episode.  Podcast including:

Kevin Pollack's Chat Show

The Adam Carolla Podcast

The Nerdist Podcast

Plus some others and Youtube channels and puppies and kittens and hyperglobalmeganet!


Ahh… The Peat…


Thur-video-games-day Episode Numero Uno!  We palaver about:

Borderlands 2

The Heist


And various other video-game related shtuff.  As you do on Thur-video-games-day... BAM!


I, Maywood: We need to Talk About Jordan


I have been looking forward to our first Book Bwednesday episode and now I don't have to wait any more cause here it is!

We ramble on about many books including:

Baldurs Gate

Baldurs Gate 2: Shadow of Amn

Baldurs Gate 2: Throne of Baahl

Archer (the book and the show)

Not TacoBell Material

I, Partridge: We need to Talk about Alan (hence the episode title)

Hope you love  this one like you would a newborn baby bunny who had pulled you from a burning building!


Missing Memory Alpha


This is our first (non-lost) TV Tuesday!   We discuss:

1) M*A*S*H*

2) Weeds

3)AOTS (Attack of the Show)

4) Rescue Me

5) Party Down

Enjoy the crap out of it!


LibroCube Episode 1: A New Grope

I hope you will all consider this the first "real" Episode!  It's a "Movie Monday" episode in which we discuss:

1) Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

2) The New Daughter

3) My Brothers Keeper

4) Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

5) Another Earth



Hello All!

This episode is the first that is what the standard length of an episode will be!  So there's that...

Starting Monday though I will be recording an episode that will be the template for all others to follow! Exciting!

Would love some feedback too folks!

Much Love,



Wha’ Happin’ !?

In this mini-ish episode we see  (or rather hear) of some of the trials and tribulations when starting a podcast...


Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Episode 0.5

Hello All,

This is the first episode of  The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist.  I am going to call it episode 0.5 as it's a sort of I don't know what I am doing yet / explanation type episode...