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May 2014

The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Indefinite Podcast Hiatus.

May 12, 2014
Goodybye! (For a While...?)

A couple of times over these 300 episodes I have mentioned my “Podcast Philosophy” which is:


Do a podcast for 51% to 99% for the reason that you enjoy doing it.  (If I was doing it 100% for myself why would I bother recording and posting it?)  The remaining percentage can be made up of the hope that people will listen, like it, and it could even turn into a “thing”.


In this post episode 300 world I have felt the percentages start to slide a bit and treading more into the feel of “work” and not that of “fun”, and as I always say to all the kiddies out there listening: “if work is hard don’t do it”.


Since we are talking numbers I think 84.76% of the reason that is the case is that the missus and I are moving.  Houses that is.  That’s taking up a lot of my attention which makes finding time to get my podcast on not easy.


SO with all that said I will be taking a break from podcasting.  Not sure when I will be back into the swing of things.  May not get back at all... When/If I do come back I may change things up a bit.  My drive to work will be shorter which would tighten up the episodes.  May have a totally different format all together. Maybe have some guests somehow!  The sky is the limit basically. NO!  The god damn edge of universe is the limit! Yeah that’s the sprit! BAMF!


I do know there still will be the odd special episode and the next one will of course be “Nerd-Cane Adventures: FanExpo 2014” so I am looking forward to that.


I guess lastly would just like to thank all those who listened.  As of typing this, the podcast is just shy of 29,000 “listens”.  There may not have been a lot of you but I am freakishly lucky in that I put a thing out on the internet and somehow, someway never had anyone say anything mean about it!  Did not even think that was possible...


Typing this has made me sad and I hope that this will not be my last time saying the same thing I have said at the end of each and every episode. And that is of course:


“It’s Nice To Be Nice To The Nice.”