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Jan 2014

Episode 250 with new show opening by PENN JILLETTE!


Yes that's right.  The man himself Mr. Penn Jillette now introduces each and every show!  So nice of him to call in and do that everyday...

A special thanks should go out to Penn's wife Emily who was super incredibly nice as well as the website FundAnything.  I recommend you check out the site in general and specifically check out Mr. Jillette's campaign to create a movie called "Director's Cut".  I now feel like I am part of the biz... SHOW biz specifically.

This is the 250th episode of The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast which is something... not sure what... It is a Fri-Internet-Day episode which feels fitting.  I discuss:

Comedy Bang Bang with guest Ben Shwartz & Coco Marx.

Thanks to all those who have listened it is much appreciated and remember the only payment I ask is perhaps you pass the podcast on to a friend! 

Post Script: Posted this a day early beacuse I could no longer contain it!
Jan 2014

No Gusta BeyBey King


We (and that's the podcast we) travel once again into the world created by Mr. David Gemmell.  A Fitting title for the global warming caused weather freakishness here recently in Canada, I discuss:

Winter Warriors by David Gemmell
Jan 2014

Fart Baby and a C.J.


I binge on this TV show like I imagine Louis CK binges on ice cream... I discuss:

Louie (Season 1-3).
Jan 2014

President of Humans with Fist


This weeks Movie Monday theme is oppressed peoples... Worst. Theme. Ever.  I discuss:

Dances with Wolves, and

12 Years a Slave.

Jan 2014

Canadian Polar Bear Penis Snowmobile Gas Pump


They said I was mad (MAD I SAY!) when I said I would devote an entire Fri-Internet-Day episode of The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist to 3 separate TED Talks!  And they were not wrong.... Muhahahahah!  I discuss the following TED Talks:

Inside the Secret Shipping Industry with Rose George,

The $80 Prosthetic Knee with Kirsta Donaldson, and

I Got 99 Problems... Palsy is Just One with Maysoon Zayid.
Jan 2014

Virility Succubus vs. Slurm Queen


It's not often I have fought a giant demon baby but lets face the facts...  sometimes you are going to have to deal with a giant demon baby.  I discuss:

DMC: Devil May Dry
Jan 2014

The Nadir are the Kilngons of the Drenai Saga.


Druss is back at it again in this mid-middle-quel to other books within this series.  Will he prevail against all odds and defeat the stuff and things!?  Probably...  I discuss:

The Legend of Deathwalker by David Gemmel.
Jan 2014

Of The Amusement Variety


If I were to type here that I predict this television show will be back as a Netflix original program and that happens I would appear smart... I discuss:

Futurama (Most Recent Series Finale: "Meanwhile")
Jan 2014

Prosthetic Penis & Dead Old Lady ‘R’ Us


Two of these movies were specifically chosen for the Missus's's's birthday weekend.  Can you guess which? First person to get it right wins long testicles.  I discuss:

Bad Grandpa,

Carrie (2013),

Kings of Summer, and

The Lone Ranger.

Jan 2014

Accidentally Armadildoed the Wicker Seats


Nerdliness & Comedy is the theme of this Fir-Internet day... Wait a second... that's the theme of every Fri-Internet day really.... WAIT one more second!  That's the theme of my life! MY LIFE!  I discuss:

Nerdist News: Top 5's,

True Facts: The Armadillo,

Tabletop: Carcasone, and

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with guest Lois C.K.

Jan 2014

Travails & Travels of Druss


Further down the rabbit hole into the Drenai Saga I explore the origin story of the mighty Druss who both kicks ass as well as takes names.  In this Book Bwednesday I discuss:

Chronicles of Druss the Legend by David Gemmel.
Jan 2014

“Handles” the Cybermen Head vs. “Wilson” the Volleyball


I have reached a nerdy point in my life where I do believe the greatest x-mas related thing that happened to me over the holiday season was the Doctor Who Christmas special... I discuss:

The Time of The Doctor
Jan 2014

Bill Cosby’s Time Traveling Science Oven


Come on baby let's do the twist ending
Come on baby let's do the twist ending
Take me by my suspicion of whats going to happen and go like this 
Ee-oh twist ending baby baby twist ending
Oooh-yeah just like this 
Come on little miss and do the twist ending

3 Movies. 3 Twist Endings.  I discuss:

Insidious Chapter 2,

Scenic Route, and

American Hustle.
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