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Sep 2015

I watched porn stars play D&D for the D&D and not the Porn stars…


Not since episode 111 and 222 has there been and time this podcast has been so 333... what?

Episode #333 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = The Brass Teapot, Nymphomaniac Volume 1, Nymphomaniac Volume 2 and The Burbs

Television Talk = Adventure Time (Season 1-5)

Book Banter = Prentice Alvin by Orson Scott Card

Game Gabbin' = The Talos Principle

Internet Intercourse = The Trailer Park Boys Podcast, The 'I Hit It With MyAxe." Reunion Panel and The Flog (Cooking with Robin)
Sep 2015

John Hodgman vs. Blain Capath in Strange Reference Battle


A little behind the scenes action is that I write the episode descriptions before I record the episode itself (with the exception of the title).  After writing this description I have no idea how I am going to fit all this in one episode and I am worried... *shudders*

Episode #332 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Unfinished Business, Adult Beginners, As Above So Below and No No: A Dockumentary.

Television Talk = Conan Throws Jordan Schlansky A Bachelor Party and Some Degrassi talk including this madness I made: )

Book Banter = Red Prophet by Orson Scott Card

Game Gabbin' = Hero Siege and Postal 2

Internet Intercourse = *NEW* Podcast Addition Week: Who Charted, Judge John Hodgman, The Smartest man in the World, Vic's Basement and The Late Show Podcast.
Sep 2015

Can you separate the man from the work?


A Brainfelt "Welcome Back!" from our little podcast break!  This episode should have been posted September 2nd but I wanted to delicately slide in my very special FanExpo episode instead so that's what I did since I am the boss of this...

Episode #331 Segmented Thusly:

Movie Monologue = Jurassic World, This is 40, Sinister and Demetri Martin: Live (at the time).

Television Talk = The Daily Show (Final Episode)

Book Banter = Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card

Game Gabbin' = Dying Light and Child of Light

Internet Intercourse = Titans Grave (Finale) and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Sep 2015

Nerd-Cane Adventures: FanExpo Toronto 2015


Well, Well, Etc.

Nerd-Cane Adventures: FanExpo Toronto 2015.... Need I say more...? Yes probably...

The Vulcan part of my brain has managed to turn the utter chaos of FanExpo into a sort of "formula" over the years and this is what it is:

1) Bring Nerd-Cane so you have someone to lean on while standing around all day for when your back starts to hurt.

2) Ask cosplayers if you can get a picture and then watch their confused faces when you ask them to hold Nerd-Cane in the picture.

3) Get autographs from an odd assortment of celebrities and watch their confused faces when you ask them to sign Nerd-Cane in a picture.

4) At the end of each day return to your hotel room and record a podcast while flipping through all the pictures you took.

5) Organize the pictures into some sort of semi-cohesive "story" album.

6) Create a special edition of The Lackadaisical Librocubicularist Podcast in which all the pics are combined with the podcast in a sort of PB&J like mass.

7) Post the links the the newest Nerd-Cane Adventure here:

Picasa Album: 

Facebook Album:

Instagram Album: nerd-Cane *Brewing*

YouTube Video:

8) Put plugs to all the nice people you met and that gave you business cards at the end of the episode.

9) Profit!!!

10) Rinse & Repeat every year.

Sep 2015

The Placeholder Episode


Every 10 episodes we take a two week break and if my math is correct this is where that episode should be BUT with my now yearly special FanExpo edition fast approaching I thought I would have a sort of place holder episode since that makes a sort of Vulcan like logical sense... doesn't it? 

The FanExpo episode will of course be posted with all the Nerd- Cane Adventures pictures on my YouTube page.  My YouTube page where you can also find things like this:

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